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Protesters take to the Las Vegas Strip, demanding justice for Breonna Taylor |

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Protesters take to the Las Vegas Strip, demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Protesters are taking to the Las Vegas Strip to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. The organizer of tonight's protest tells 8 News Now he expects hundreds of participants.

The demonstration comes on the heels of last night's march in Downtown Las Vegas, where about 150 participated.

Minister Stretch Sanders organized tonight's event to keep the momentum going, saying this has to be a movement, not a moment.

"As much as we need to protest, we also need to take that same energy and bring it to communities that are impoverished," he said. "We also need to vote and educate people on the history of voting. So, it's not just about protesting."

Sanders will be joined by many local activists, including Desiree Smith with "More than a Hashtag."

Smith was pleasantly surprised by the turnout last night but alarmed by the force they were met with. She tells us while tonight's march is in solidarity with Louisville, she also wants to bring attention to what's happened in Las Vegas.

"We have our own Breonna Taylors; we have our own George Floyds out here," she said. "But they don't like to show that because it will shy away the tourists. They won't want to come and will be like, 'What's going on in Vegas?'"

Tonight's protest will not be the last.

Sanders says there will be actions taken every week from this point on, whether it's a protest or engaging local officials to support the Black community.