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Lights for Liberty Las Vegas hosts anti-immigration vigil downtown |

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Lights for Liberty Las Vegas hosts anti-immigration vigil downtown

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Dozens of people gathered downtown Friday to share purposeful messages for and against America’s current immigration policies. Lights for Liberty Las Vegas hosted a vigil in front of The Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse to protest what they call inhumane conditions at America’s border.

“It’s been brewing and building,” protester Brittany Flueckiger said of the event.

During the vigil, they spoke about U.S. immigration detention centers.

“Despicable conditions at the border,” protester Mike Coslor said. “I’m ashamed.”

“The immigration policies are broken in our country,” Flueckiger continued. “And we have to do something immediately to stop the suffering that’s happening at our border.”

However, the gathering also attracted a lot of people sharing the other side of the issue.

Some who attended told 8 News Now they believe our country’s border laws aren’t strict enough.

“We have got to put a policy that puts American citizens first,” Cyrus Hojjaty said, stating the reasons he was against Friday’s protest. “We want a merit-based immigration system.”

“It’s like someone coming to my house uninvited, and I’m forced to take care of them,” Constanza Mancilla added why she agrees with our country’s current policies. “And take them in and bathe them and feed them.”

Regardless, those asking for a change hope their passion reaches America’s leaders.

“Hopefully, it brings awareness to the community,” Flueckiger said. “That we do care and to our government that people care about this. Make empathy great again.”

It’s a reminder that the right to gather peacefully gives every viewpoint a voice.

“We do believe in the rule of law, and we have laws,” Mancilla said on the other side of the issue.