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Witnesses React to Officer Shooting | Crime

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Witnesses React to Officer Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- A domestic disturbance Sunday night a the Summerhill Pointe Apartments is the third officer involved shooting in eight days.

Police say one man shot another in the leg, and then pointed the gun at officers, forcing them to shoot.

"Everybody's a little on edge. They're all kind of freaked out about the shootings," said neighbor Wayne Pender.

Residents are still in shock from the shooting. Metro says around 3 p.m., family attempting to pick up grandchildren from the apartment called 911 to report the suspect, 27-year-old Dennis Lovelady had a gun on him.

Officers arrived, but since the gun was legally registered to Lovelady, they left. Pender says Lovelady seemed agitated earlier that day. The suspect described as a nuisance was sitting in his friend's car.

"The guy asked him, 'What are you doing in my car?' He said, 'I'm looking for my cigarettes.' So obviously there was some issue going on from the get go," he said.

Around 4:15 p.m., an argument escalated out of control. Lovelady's wife called 911 to report he had just shot her ex-husband in the leg. He was there to help her move out. Two officers entered the apartment, saw Lovelady point his handgun at them, and they shot.

Francisco Eufemia heard the gunshots, grabbed his camera and ran to the commotion. He snapped a picture of Lovelady being loaded into the ambulance.

"They had a big sheet over him so we couldn't see if there was any gunshot wounds or any lacerations to his body. We did see he was breathing, so we saw he was still alive," he said.

Lovelady was rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition. As police investigate the 18th officer involved shooting this year, neighbors say the number may look bad, but the public should think of the dangers they face everyday.

"They don't remember the thousand good things they do, but they do remember the one bad one," said Pender.

The ex-husband shot in the leg is in stable condition after surgery. Lovelady remains in critical condition. The two officers involved were not injured and are on paid administrative leave.