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Parents Warned About Another Attempted Kidnapping | News

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Parents Warned About Another Attempted Kidnapping

Another attempted child abduction has been reported and police say that makes 18 in the last four weeks. Someone tried to lure a child into a car near Eileen Conners Elementary School in the northwest.

Metro police officers are increasing patrols around the schools, and students at Eileen Conners are being sent home with letters Friday about this latest abduction attempt that happened there Thursday.

School district officials say more letters will be sent to all parents in the district.

The victim was a 13-year-old girl. She says she was walking down the street to pick up her brother from school when a man in a green car pulled up next to her and asked her to get in.

"As I was walking, he kinda stared at me and I saw him drive past me a couple more times, came to a stop and he asked me if I wanted a ride. You hear a lot of things that happen to kids that actually listen and get in the car with those people and they don't ever return home," she said.

This makes the 18th time within the last month that Metro officers have received reports of strangers approaching kids at playgrounds, school bus stops and even at a library.

Metro Crimes Against Youth and Family says in many cases, children have been asked to get into a car with a stranger and when the door is opened, the suspect was nude.

As summer gets closer and kids are outside more, police say they expect the number of incidents to increase. So once again they are asking parents to talk to their kids about stranger danger and form an emergency plan.

Metro officers said they have several different suspect descriptions and believe there are several different suspects. To see a list of all of the suspect descriptions, click here

Police recommend parents go onto Metro's website for other tips on how to protect your child from stranger danger. They also say it's a good idea to get on the Offender Watch database and see all the registered sex offenders in your area.

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