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Metro Officer Remains in Critical Condition After Shooting | Crime

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Metro Officer Remains in Critical Condition After Shooting

LAS VEGAS - A Metro police officer is fighting for his life after he was shot while chasing a suspected car thief Tuesday night.

31-year-old Officer Michael Madland remains in critical condition at University Medical Center. The officer was shot in the leg. Authorities say the bullet hit an artery, and he lost a lot of blood.

Police say the shooting happened after officers spotted a car Tuesday evening that was reported stolen. When the officers attempted to pull the car over, the drive sped away and lead officers on a brief chase before stopping.

According to police, there were two suspects in the car. Forty-five-year-old Marvin Wayne Wilson was immediately arrested. He was booked for possession of a stolen vehicle, resisting an officer and petit larceny.

Twenty-six-year-old Damon Beal took off running through the backyards of homes before stopping in one yard on Delores Drive. "The pursuing officers engaged the individual in the backyard," Metro Police Capt. Randy Montandon said. "Several shots were fired by the suspect. One of our officers was hit several times. The secondary officer returned fire and incapacitated (the suspect). Ultimately, the suspect died from his wounds right there in the backyard."

The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. Officer Madland, who is a five-year police veteran, was transported to University Medical Center and underwent surgery. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Doug Gillespie is asking people to keep Officer Madland in their prayers. "I have a young officer in the hospital fighting for his life," Sheriff Gillespie said. He says the shooting serves as a harsh reminder of the dangers officers face every day. "(They face) brazen criminals, armed criminals (who are) willing to use a gun even against law enforcement," Sheriff Gillespie said.

The officer's neighbors are also struggling with the news. "You don't really put it into perspective until you know that it's someone that lives close to you," neighbor David Pascual said. "To hear someone's life could have almost passed away, that's sad." "It's just really devastating that he's in this serious condition," neighbor Tammy Romo added. "The police officers in this city put their lives on the line more than we believe."

Both suspects have lengthy criminal backgrounds. Officer Madland's neighbors believe tougher laws could have kept them behind bars. "If (laws) were tougher and (criminals) get longer sentences, this wouldn't have happened," Romo said.

Friends and family of Madland tell 8 News NOW he is proud to be a policeman and happy to be part of Metro. They also say he is a good father, and they are proud of him. Madland's wife and mother are by his side at the hospital. The officer has a 4-year-old son.