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Last Day of School for CCSD Students | News

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Last Day of School for CCSD Students

LAS VEGAS -- Wednesday is the last day of school for thousands of kids and teachers in the Clark County public school system. For many high school seniors, the day is filled with plenty of emotions.

The school year at Clark High School officially ended at 11:25 a.m. Officials at CCSD say they have extra police patrols on campuses, but have not received reports of any problems.

All nine month CCSD schools will have early dismissal for the last day of the school. Seniors are anxious, nervous, sad and excited about the final day and what's next in their lives.

"I will admit I did run down the hallways screaming because I was utterly excited to leave, but when I got home, I was a little upset because I realized that was my last time," said former Clark High School student Monique Rohani.

Students spent the last day of school taking down all of the posters, banners, and remembrances of this past year. For seniors, it was all about getting ready for graduation. A two-hour graduation practice was held Wednesday morning. Some plan to go to college next fall.

As for summer plans, many say they will relax with friends, while others are hoping just to land a job.

"The economy is definitely tough. So I'm hearing a lot of students who are working either two jobs full-time, or some who can't find one, so they're a little stressed out," said former Clark student Alvin Kang.

This is the last day for all nine month schools. Twelve month schools will continue until August 5, 2010, before switching to a traditional nine month schedule when the new school year starts on August 30th.

CCSD expects more than 18,000 Las Vegas students to receive diplomas.