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Child Found in Swimming Pool | News

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Child Found in Swimming Pool

For the third time in a week, a young child has been found floating in a family's swimming pool. This latest incident happened in the northwest part of Las Vegas near Cheyenne and Rampart.

Neighbors say this 6-month-old little boy is at the hospital and doctors were able to find a pulse. They also say the boy's mother is a stay-at-home mom who adores her son. They were alone at their home when just after noon Friday their babysitter arrived and noticed the baby missing.

They found him face down in the backyard pool. That's when neighbors say the babysitter jumped in the pool pulling out the boy. The mother began CPR while the babysitter ran out to the front yard and yelled for help, getting neighbors to call 911.

One neighbor ran into the house to try and help and said it seemed the sliding glass door may have been left open. He then ran outside to help flag down emergency crews.

"Ambulance attendant picked him up and all his limbs were floating down and his head, so they put him down and tried to do CPR and there was no response. So like in two seconds he says let's get out of here," said neighbor Peter Kurbikoff. 

Neighbors are calling the babysitter a hero for both finding the boy and jumping in to save him. As of right now, police are not releasing the name of the little boy or his family

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