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3 Hurt in Las Vegas House Fire | News

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3 Hurt in Las Vegas House Fire

Eleven people are homeless Wednesday afternoon after a fire destroyed their home near Jones and Grand Teton. Now they're left with the decision of whether to rebuild or move on.

Fire investigators told the family the fire started in the attic but the family said flames were coming from the ceiling and the stairs. They kicked out that window and jumped from the roof to escape the flames.

The Burgos family awoke to the smell of flames and the sounds of smoke detectors going off.

Kristi, one of the fire victims said, "I woke up because I heard the alarm, and I heard people screaming. And when I woke up, it was very, very dark and big smoke and we had to go from one room to get out of the window."

Kristi suffered minor burns on her feet. Two other adults suffered second-degree burns and smoke inhalation and were taken to UMC -- along with two kids.

Doug Johnson, the Battalion Chief said, "The smoke detectors worked, and that's why we were able to get them all out. And 11 residents in the home, to get all of them out, was a blessing for us. They were able to do that and no one was injured seriously or killed here."

Neighbors tried to do anything they could to help.

"Tried to help," said neighbor Jolene Moore. "Just ran out of my house. And a couple of my kids and I went over there, grabbed ladders and tried to help -- blankets, slippers, whatever they needed because they had nothing, because they were all sleeping in their pajamas."

But the house the Burgos family had lived in for the last three years was a total loss. Now, they're trying to salvage what little they can -- wallets, clothing, an X-Box and a jewelry box. Two people living in the home were due to be married in March.

The family can't even drive their cars because all of their keys are inside the house. The fire department boarded up the house around lunchtime, so no one can get back inside.

Right now, they're living a few blocks away in a relative's home, waiting for the other two people to get out of the hospital. But they're going to call their insurance company to see if they'll provide a hotel or other temporary housing.

The Red Cross is also providing food and clothing for the next three days as well.

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