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Ivy Garcia Massage Therapist | Health & Beauty

Ivy Garcia Massage Therapist
The time to relax when you don't have time to relax.
7455 W. Washington, Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV 89128

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Hi.  I’m Ivy Garcia. I’m a certified, licensed massage therapist.  Even when I was a young girl I knew I wanted to be a massage therapist.   I believe I’ve been gifted with a caring, therapeutic touch and I love what I do.

When I went to massage school, I was inspired by the emotional benefits of caring touch.  But what amazed me, as I learned about the body, is that massage benefits every system in the body and stimulates it to perform at its optimal level.  In other words, regular massage is one of the best preventative health care measures available.

People ask me how I can find all of their sore spots without asking them.  Well, your body speaks to me as I work, first complaining and whining, saying “There, that’s sore”, and then near the end of the massage it purrs, saying “Thank you”.

Massage Services:

Swedish Massage:
This massage is made for relaxation. The client will also receive the benefits of improved muscle tone and stimulated circulation. This light to medium pressure massage will relax, revitalize and renew the whole body and mind.
1 hour - $49 / 1 ½ hour - $74

Deep Tissue Massage:
This method of massage addresses pain patterns in the muscles. Slow, deep strokes and deep finger/elbow pressure helps to release toxins in the body and relax tightened muscles for a truly therapeutic treatment. Can be used for whole body or specific work.  (Please allow 1 ½ hour for full body Deep Tissue massage.)
1 hour - $ 59 / 1 ½ hour - $89

Pre-natal Massage:
This massage uses pillows and different positions to make the mother-to be comfortable.  Massage can help ease the discomforts often experienced by pregnant women such as headaches, low-back pain, constipation, fluid retention and heartburn.  (Client must be past her first trimester to receive pre-natal massage.)
1 hour - $ 59 / 1 ½ hour $89

Fibromyalgia Massage:
Depending on the pain tolerance of my client, we start with a very light Swedish massage and work up over time to Trigger Point Therapy. I recommend booking late afternoon appointments because I end the massage with relaxation techniques to help my client get a good night’s sleep.
Rate varies depending on technique used and length of massage – from $49 to $89

Corporate / Chair Massage:
Chair massage is a brief, stress-reducing massage given seated in a comfortable, supportive and portable chair.  Research reports that massage enhances alertness and helps increase employee productivity.  Alternatives for chair massage are table and desktop – depending upon suitable space.
$50/hr (4 hour minimum)
Tandem Massage:
Two massage therapists work together to provide an unusually relaxing experience.
$ Prices and times vary

How can a massage be only $49?
Many people ask how I can offer a quality massage for this low price.  I belong to a cooperative of independent licensed massage therapists working together to create a professional environment where we can offer the community affordable massage services without the spa expense overhead.  I therefore pass the savings on to you, my client.  It is my hope that instead of treating yourself to a massage only once in a while, you can make it a regular part of your lifestyle.

Variety of Scented Massage Oils to Choose From at no additional cost:

European Lavender: For relaxation

Coconut–Vanilla: This exotic scent will make you feel like you've been transported to the tropics

Oriental: My favorite- Try it!  Sandalwood soothes sinus and bronchial irritation and improves your outlook on life

Therapeutic: For mind, body and spirit
(Ginger, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Thyme, Orange, Spruce, and Ylang Ylang)

Muscle Comfort: To ease those aches and pains
(Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clove, Camphor, Geranium, Fennel, Orange, Rosemary, and Ginger)

Face Cream:
(White Lily and Rosehips)

Foot Cream: (Peppermint, Rosemary, Bay Laurel and Lemon Peel)

I also use unscented oil or lotion upon request.

All oils are quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and silky with no greasy residue.


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