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Empowerment Learning Services
Enhancing Academic Achievement
P.O. Box 232189
Las Vegas, NV 89105
(866) 319-4749

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Empowerment Learning Services, LLC seeks to design the best programs and activities to meet the particular needs of the students served.  Pre tests are administered to all students to determine their academic needs and to ensure they are being instructed at their optimal level.  The data received from the assessment also allows for an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to be developed for each student.  This ILP guides the instruction as while on-going assessments and post test measure the progress of the students.

 Parents play a collaborative role in the program.  The ILP's are discussed with them and require their signature before the tutoring begins.  They are informed about the student's progress through monthly progress reports.

About Us

Empowerment Learning Services, LLC  is a license SES provider that specializes in after-school tutoring in reading, writing, and math.  The organization was founded in August, 2006 by Sue Goodman, a former teacher and administrator with the Detroit Public Schools.  Empowerment Learning Services, LLC is managed by a Board of Directors, whose vision is to provide a quality after-school program in safe, engaging environments that motivate and inspire learning outside of the regular school day.


 Empowerment Learning Services, LLC will successfully service all student in a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment by collaborating with districts, teachers, and administrators to help students increase their scores on standardized tests and ultimately to help each student reach their optimal growth in the arena of academic achievement.


 Empowerment Learning Services, LLC will be a competitive leader in enhancing student academic achievement through quality tutoring services with highly qualified teachers and the use of material aligned with the state Standards and Benchmarks.



Learning Services, LLC
P.O. Box 232189
Las Vegas, NV  89105
(866) 319-4749


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