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Likely Johnson win means Brexit is coming, tough talks loom

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigned on one theme alone — “Get Brexit done” — and if the results of an exit poll projection are correct, that just may happen.

The U.K. exit poll predicts that Johnson’s Conservatives won a substantial victory Thursday night in the country’s general election.

But even if Johnson pulls Britain out of the European Union by the Jan. 31 deadline, he will still face the mountainous challenge of negotiating a complex trade deal with the EU by the end of next year — a task that many experts say is not possible.

In many ways, the hard part of the Brexit process still lies ahead, even though Johnson is now expected to win parliamentary approval for the Brexit divorce deal that his government negotiated with the EU in October... Read More

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Playing defense or offense, hockey players preferences

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Golden Knights are on a brief Midwest road trip in St. Louis and then Dallas.

The Blues are the defending Stanley Cup champions and in second place in the central division. In the latest edition of ‘Striking Gold’ reverse roles for NHL clubs are commonplace for a long time. Forwards who were once defensemen and defensemen who were once forwards gives clubs the ability to strategize against opponents while playing to a players strengths.

8 News Now Sports
anchor Ron Futrell has the story finding some prevailing themes.  ... Read More

Sidewalk cleaning bill sparks controversy

(KLAS) —
Las Vegas’ new controversial homeless ordinance is in full swing.

There are even new signs
along several downtown streets. They remind the homeless not to sit, lay, camp
or lodge on the sidewalk. Even more signs are on the way; 300 are expected in
the next few weeks.

There is yet another
proposed bill that Mayor Caroyln Goodman is expected to introduce to the city
council. It has to do with the cleaning of public sidewalks. But critics say
it’s just another attempt to criminalize homelessness... Read More

Radisson Hotels looking to leave mark on the Strip

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The major hotel chain “Radisson” is looking to make a name for itself on the Las Vegas Strip. Treasure Island is now the chain’s first hotel to be affiliated with their brand.

The hotel is known for its pirate theme and now it is changing things up, joining the Radisson hotel brand. Anthony Kurtis from lasvegasadvisor.com knows the Strip well. He says Radisson can change who stays at the hotel

“This is good for Radisson.
Radisson has been trying to do this for 20 years,” Kurtis said. “Dealing with
Radisson and forming a partnership there opens a gigantic market for them.”... Read More

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Update: Officer-involved shooting near Cannes & Madrid

HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — One suspect is in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting in Henderson. It happened in the 300 block of Cannes and Madrid.

Police originally conducted a traffic stop in the area. They pulled over a blue suzuki motorcycle. A male driver and a female passenger were riding the motorcycle.

During the stop, police realized the motorcycle was stolen and called for back-up. One of the occupants of the motorcycle pointed to a nearby home and told police the owner of the vehicle lived there.

Police went to the home, where the man who lived their tried to run away. He retreated to the rear of the home, where there was an exchange of gunfire.

The suspect was hit, but no officers were hurt.

The suspect has been take to the hospital, but his condition is unknown at this time... Read More

Man scares, harasses 8-year-old after hacking into ring camera in child’s room

MEMPHIS (CNN) — A Mississippi mom thought she was installing something that would help her keep a watchful eye on her children.
But it turns out her Ring camera allowed someone else to eavesdrop on her family and see right into her 8-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Ashley Lemay now has a warning for others turning to the technology for peace of mind.

“I did a lot of research on these before I got it,” Lemay said. “I really felt like it was safe.”

The camera was supposed to add a level of protection, a way for Lemay to keep an eye on her three daughters while she worked her overnight nurse’s shifts.

The Ring camera was a black Friday deal and came with a recommendation from another mom. However, four days after the camera went up, 8-year-old Alyssa heard something strange coming from her room... Read More

Arrest Report: Suspect fired at off-duty officer because he ‘looked ghetto’

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Police have released more information about what is being called a road rage incident that escalated into a shooting with an off-duty officer. 21-year-old Dwight Delancy pulled up beside the officer’s vehicle and fired several shots at him.

According to the arrest report, police were first notified of the incident when off-duty officer J. Roman called in to say he had been shot at in the area of I-15 and Blue Diamond. Officer Roman said he had the suspect at gunpoint in the area of northbound I-15 at Russell Road. Metro and NHP then responded to the scene.

Roman told detectives at the scene he had been driving on Las Vegas Blvd and turned onto Blue Diamond. He then became involved in a “traffic dispute” with another vehicle, which was driven by Delancy. Roman stated Delancy became animated, waving his arms at him. At that point, Roman believed, it could be a road rage incident. ... Read More