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Metro: Neighbors evacuated due to standoff near Durango and El Capitan

Metro Police have evacuated some neighbors and closed streets in a northwest neighborhood due to a standoff with a person believed to be armed.

The incident started around 9:30 a.m. when a family disturbance was reported at a home in the 7800 block of Falling Pines Place near Durango Drive and El Capitan Way.

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Elderly man critically injured in crash in northwest Las Vegas

Metro Police investigated a serious crash in the northwest near W. Alexander Road and N. Durango Drive.

It happened around 3:57 p.m. when Metro officer received a call about a crash that happened in the 8700 block of West Gilmore Avenue.

According to police, an elderly man was driving his car, and when he stopped the car, he forgot to put it into the park gear before exiting the vehicle. Metro said the car rolled over the man.

Metro said the main sustained life-threatening injuries. He was taken to University Medical Center in critical condition.

No other details were released... Read More

Metro issues warning about parking lot scammers who prey on the elderly

Metro Police says it has investigated several incidents where elderly people were targeted by scammers in parking lots. Police say the incidents occurred in commercial shopping center parking lots in the Northwest part of the valley.

According to officers, suspects approached victims while they were loading items into the trunks of their cars. Metro said while the victims are distracted, the suspects reach into the unlocked vehicle and steal property from the passenger compartment, and in many instances, the victims are unaware of what has happened.

Detectives say suspects have even targeted elderly victims as they backed out of parking spaces.

According to police, here's how the scam seems to work: The suspects will approach the elderly drivers telling them they backed into their car, at that point, the scammers request money on the spot to compensate for the damage to their vehicle... Read More

Boom of new business surge in northwestern Las Vegas

A surge of new businesses, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, recently opened up in the northwest part of the Las Vegas valley, which is good news for Centennial Hills, an area once hit hard by the recession.

Business has been better than I could've possibly imagined," said Kari Garcia, TSP Baking Company.

Business is not only booming in Centennial Hills, but it's also flourishing in the area in the northwest valley north of Decatur right off of the 215.

"It was literally a desert," Garcia said as she described the location of her new bakery.

Empty parking lots, deserted business centers and leasing signs once plagued the north and northwestern parts of town, especially during the recession.

"It's nice to see it surge because it was pretty dead," Garcia said.

Many businesses closed up shop, but that's not so much the case these days... Read More

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Clark County issues Declaration of Emergency for Mt. Charleston

Clark County has issued a Declaration of Emergency for Mount Charleston due to avalanche conditions in the Spring Mountains.

According to the declaration, recent storm activity has resulted in a dangerous accumulation of snow above populated areas on the mountain.

It reads, "The County Manager finds that emergency conditions prevail and threaten the health, life, safety, and welfare of persons and property due to avalanches which are imminent an occurring within the Mt. Charleston area of Clark County, including populated areas within Lee Canyon and Kyle Canyon."

A voluntary evacuation order was issued Tuesday night for Kyle and Lee Canyon areas.

A reported 58 inches has fallen at the Kyle Canyon Fire Station since Jan. 18. On Monday, the Lee Canyon Ski Area reported a depth of 94 inches of snow... Read More

Police search for shooting suspect in northwest valley

Police are searching for the juvenile who shot a man during an attempted car robbery. This happened around 10 p.m. at a housing complex near Cheyenne and Rampart.

Metro police say a 25 year-old and a 34 year-old man at the complex said a juvenile suspect armed with a gun demanded keys to a car.

One of the victims ran and the suspect ended up shooting the 25 year-old then fled through the complex.

Police searched for the suspect. The victim was taken to the hospital with injuries believed to be non-life threatening... Read More

North Las Vegas pig farm makes way for housing development

Most of the animals have been moved from a North Las Vegas pig farm.

R.C. Farms was known for promoting sustainability by feeding leftovers from Las Vegas Strip buffets to their animals. They were also known for the manure smell that would sometimes drift into surrounding areas after a good rain.

The farm is closing and being turned into a housing development.

Bob Combs is in his 70s and raising pigs has been his life work. As you can imagine, not having the animals around is a big change but he and his wife Janet have kept their sense of humor as the remaining momma and baby piglets were moved off the farm this week.

R.C. Farms used to be teaming with pigs. At one time, there were 6,000 on the farm. But now, almost all of the pigs are gone. They've been taken to a different operation. The stalls are empty and the 150 acres are being cleaned up... Read More