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United States Coast Guard Weighing Anchor In Nevada

LAS VEGAS -- The U.S. Coast Guard is weighing anchor on operations at two navigation broadcasting station in Nevada. The commander of a ground-based long-range navigation system says Global Positioning System satellites have made the so-called LORAN system obsolete.

The 24-station network stopped broadcasting Feb. 8. Now, stations in Searchlight and Fallon are being decommissioned as part of a move to save $37 million per year in operation costs. The station near Searchlight, about 60 miles south of Las Vegas, isn't the only "awkward place" for a Coast Guard station. The service also has duty stations in Kansas, New Mexico, Montana and northern Minnesota.

Hundreds of Valley Children Have a Happy Easter Thanks to Local Volunteer Program

LAS VEGAS --  Hundreds of Valley kids will have a Happy Easter thanks to the help of a program called E BUNNY and a group of volunteers who put all their love and care for these children into the form of an Easter basket.

E BUNNY is a grass-roots community outreach program dedicated to bringing Easter Baskets to homeless and disadvantaged children as a token of hope, joy and renewal by passing out baskets to children on the streets of Las Vegas the day before Easter.

The program is made possible by complete strangers who donated care packages that came fittingly in an Easter Basket.

Some of these kids had never received an Easter Basket before. The reward for the volunteers is the smile on each child's face as they received a basket. But these baskets are more than just candy and stuffed animals.

"Priority of giving back hope and spirit to people is huge," said Linda Lera-Randle, Volunteer.

National Job Numbers Up, Results Seen in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- The national unemployment rate remains high, but the country saw job growth of 162,000 new jobs in March. Some are being created right here in Las Vegas.

The Les Olson Company is in the business of selling and leasing copiers and printers to businesses. Six people were recently hired to help with sales. The company admits it's been lucky to piggyback off of other businesses thriving in the economy.

"We're seeing a lot of attorneys, doctors, and CPA's are increasing their volume," said sales manager Mike Augason.

The family-owned business is all about networking to keep expanding. It's something Chris Byrd knows very well. He just opened a cell phone store called Byrd Phones.

"We have 385 people on our service in Las Vegas," he said.

Nation's Economy Posted Its Largest Job Gain In Three Years

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The nation's economy posted its largest job gain in three years in March, while the unemployment rate remained at 9.7 percent for the third straight month.

The increase is the latest sign that the economic recovery is sustainable and healing in the job market is beginning. Still, the healing is likely to be slow, and most economists don't expect job creation to be fast enough this year to rapidly reduce the unemployment rate. The Labor Department said employers added 162,000 jobs in March, the most since the recession began but below analysts' expectations of 190,000. The total includes 48,000 temporary workers hired for the U.S. Census, also fewer than many economists forecast.

Charges Against Nevada Tea Party Candidate Could Be Dropped

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas judge is expected to approve the withdrawal of criminal charges today against a Nevada Tea Party candidate looking to unseat Sen. Harry Reid.

Prosecutors say Scott Ashjian paid more than $5,500 to cover a bounced check. Records show he faces foreclosure on almost $1 million in home loans, owes $200,000 to the IRS and faces liens and city nuisance actions

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Spring Fling at Spring Mountain Ranch

Spring Mountain Ranch Homeowner Master Association, a 1620 single family home  community, is on their 5th year of holding their Annual Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt.  The HOA Board looks to continue building a stronger community amongst the residents of the HOA with this activity.  This year they are excited to continue the community building beyond their walls with the second year of a Can Food Drive.  As well they are very excited to have the City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services to have an anti graffiti banner signing for the children.

Spay and Neuter Law in Effect for Las Vegas Pet Owners

LAS VEGAS -- April 1st is the deadline for Las Vegas pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered under a new law. Pet owners who don't follow the rules could face hundreds of dollars in fines.

The city of Las Vegas says it euthanizes more animals than much larger cities including New York City which has a population of 8 million people.

With a few exceptions, the new law calls for cats and dogs older than four months to get spayed or neutered.

"If we respond to a house for a barking complaint, running-at-large, sanitation, a bite, anything of that nature, at that time that we're addressing that issue, we're also going to ask to see documentation that the animal has been sterilized," said Richard Molinari, Las Vegas Animal Control supervisor.