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Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Leave Nevada

LAS VEGAS -- For the first time in 20 years, illegal immigrants are crossing back over the border, leaving the United States in large numbers. And nowhere else is that more evident than in Nevada, where we are seeing the largest decrease.

A new study from the Pew Hispanic Center found more than 11 million illegal immigrants left the United States last year. Trailing only California with the highest illegal immigrant population, 50,000 illegal immigrants left Nevada.

Las Vegas Latin Chamber President Otto Merida says the loss could equal millions lost in the Las Vegas economy.

"What will happen is that it will have an economic impact for people who do business -- restaurants, a need for lawyers, accountants, and all types of services," he said.

Nevada Builder Selling Homes Despite Poor Market

LAS VEGAS -- The housing industry has been one of the biggest drags on Nevada's struggling economy and new numbers released Wednesday show another drop.

The Commerce Department says new home sales were down 12.4% in July which is the slowest pace ever recorded.

Nationwide, new home sales are down 30 percent from last year and more than 40 percent since April when that popular $8,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit expired. In southern Nevada, new homes are still in high demand and one developer says they can't build the homes fast enough.

"We see people coming in and they're ready to buy whether they're relocating from other parts of the country or they've been on sidelines, and now they're ready and out looking because they know the interest rates being so low is such a positive for them," said Amy Thill, Warmington Residential Nevada.

Good Results in Out of State License Program

LAS VEGAS -- If you think you can get away with keeping your out of state license plates, think again. The Las Vegas Township Constable's Office has started up their Pay Your Fair Share program, targeting drivers who are breaking the law by not registering their cars in Nevada.

The program relies on a tip hotline where you call and report your neighbors, friends or even family members. Initially, some didn't think people would snitch, but that's not the case.

"Oh, I don't mind. I have no conscience about turning someone in. I have quite a few neighbors who have California, Utah and Arizona plates who have been living there longer than I have," said resident Charles Shortledge.

Tuesday was the first day the hotline was running. Within two hours, they had 135 calls, not including the 45 voicemail's they also got.

Suncoast Offers $100,000 Reward for 2005 Murder

LAS VEGAS -- The Suncoast Hotel and Casino has renewed a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect involved in a robbery and murder that happened in 2005.

Police say Julie and Ronald Miller were attacked in the parking lot of the Suncoast on August 25, 2005. A man tried to rob them when they arrived at the casino that morning. During a struggle, one shot was fired. It struck Ronald Miller in the shoulder and then hit Julie Miller, killing her.

Police say the suspect fled the scene in a white or silver Dodge Magnum station wagon. Mr. Miller says the suspect is an African American male, about 30-years-old, 6 feet tall with a thin to medium build.

Police Sent Letters to Possible Costco Shooting Witnesses

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police detectives are reaching out to shoppers of the Summerlin Costco where 38-year-old Erik Scott was shot and killed by police. Letters have been sent to more than 100 shoppers who may have witnessed the officer involved shooting.

Metro says Scott pointed a pistol at police outside the store and eyewitnesses backed up that story up. But soon, other shoppers came forward with a different version of events, saying Scott was no threat at all.

Police have mailed or faxed more than 100 letters to shoppers whose membership cards were scanned at the Costco on July 10, around the time of the incident.

Scott was shot seven times by three officers.

The letter from Metro's homicide unit urges the customers to cooperate in the investigation if they witnessed anything important before, during, or after the deadly shooting.

Station Casinos Loses $69.6 Million in 2nd Quarter

LAS VEGAS -- Private casino operator Station Casinos Inc. says it lost $69.6 million during the second quarter as revenue dropped and it spent nearly $38 million on its bankruptcy reorganization.

The Las Vegas-based company with properties that cater mostly to locals here said Monday its loss was slightly wider than its $65.3 million loss during the same period one year ago.

Station says its revenue dropped 12.6 percent to $233.6 million. Gambling revenue dropped 12.3 percent to $167.1 million. Station says its total long-term debt as of June 30 was $5.9 billion.

Station is awaiting a hearing this month in Reno to determine whether its Chapter 11 plan will be approved by a federal bankruptcy judge.

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Las Vegas Woman Killed in Off Road Crash in California

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif.  -- Authorities say the eight dead in a grisly crash at an off-road race in the California desert include three men from the San Diego area and a woman from Las Vegas.

The San Bernardino County coroner Sunday released the names of seven of the dead.

Brian Wolfin and Anthony Sanchez of Escondido died at the scene, and Aaron Farkas of Escondido died at a hospital.

All seven were in their 20's. The youngest of the dead was 20-year-old Danica Frantzich from Las Vegas. Her younger sister Cheyenne was believed to be also injured in the accident too.

The other dead are Andrew Therrin of Riverside, Zachary Freeman of Fillmore and Dustin Malson of Ventura.

The eighth victim died in Riverside County, and no name has been released.

All died after a truck plowed into the crowd in the California 200 near Lucerne Valley.