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Trial to be set in 2011 murder of teen girl

The man charged with raping and killing a northwest valley teenager will learn his trial date next week.

Javier Righetti made an appearance in court Thursday morning. Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to 10 counts connected to the death of Alyssa Otremba in 2011. However, the judge tossed out the plea because Righetti did not specifically admit the slaying was premedtiated, willful and deliberate.

Police say 15 year-old Otremba was on her way home from school when Righetti raped, tortured and killed her.

The new trial date was supposed to be set today, but this morning, there were issues bringing in experts for the state and defense on the same day, so the setting of Righetti's trial date was pushed to next Tuesday.

Otremba's family was also in court this morning and say they plan to return next week... Read More

Happy Nevada Day! Celebrating the day Nevada was added to the Union

Happy Nevada Day! Nevada Day is a state holiday that is celebrated across the entire state of Nevada.

Nevada Day commemorated the admission of the state of Nevada into the union on Oct. 31, 1864. However, since the 2000s the holiday has always been celebrated on the last Friday of the month.

On Nevada Day holiday all state, county and city government offices are closed, along with most schools and libraries. Some private businesses, like banks, also close to commemorate the holiday.

Here are some facts about Nevada Day courtesy of Piktochart.com:... Read More

New sensors in remote areas will immediatly alert NV Energy to outages

You've no doubt heard the age old question: When a tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, NV Energy will most certainly hear it whenever anything falls on its power lines.

NV Energy was on Mount Charleston Thursday installing sensors on some of its remote power lines. The low-cost sensors will immediately alert them if there's an outage or some other problem. The sensors can also communicate additional information about maintenance issues with the power flow.

Crews installed the sensors on lines carrying 34,000 volts of electricity. No power was interrupted during the installation.

According to the Department of Energy, NV Energy has some of the best reliability and fewest interruptions in the country and the sensors will only improve on that... Read More

Voters set record numbers first 2 days of early voting

As a key swing state, Nevada's votes really count for the 2016 election. Early voting started Saturday, Oct. 22, and according to Clark County, residents hit the polls in record numbers.

More than 70,000 people cast their ballots. Flor Cordona was one of those votes.

Cardona said she voted Saturday for the first time in her life.

"Sixteen years ago I didn't have papers; I didn't have a language; I didn't have nothing," Cardona said. "I only have dreams."

Cardona's pushing for other Latino's to vote early. However, Cardona isn't the only person making a push during early voting.

Both Democrats and Republicans have also made a final push across the state to sway voters who haven't made up their minds yet.

"Now is the time to really voice your concerns with what's happening with our country and the direction that you would like to see it going," said Catherine Cortez Masto, D-NV, United States Senate candidate... Read More

Metro Police investigating officer-involved shooting on 215

Metro Police investigated an officer-involved shooting Thursday that occurred on Hwy. 215 between North Durango and North Hualapai closing the freeway for hours.

According to investigators, the incident unfolded near Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard when officers tried to stop a vehicle suspected of being connected to a series of robberies.

Metro says the man in the vehicle was also believed to have committed a crime earlier in the week that was caught on video. Officers say the suspect took off and led officers on a chase.

Police eventually used stop sticks to catch the suspect. The vehicle came to a halt on the 215 near N. Hualapai.

Metro Police said the man had a handgun, so officers were forced to open fire on him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Metro says it's unclear if the man pointed the gun at or shot at officers, but investigators say the weapon was found inside the car... Read More

Police looking to question students involved in high school brawl

A massive brawl between two rival high schools was caught on video, so now police officers are looking for all the students connected to the fight.

It happened inside a Raising Canes and an In-N-Out Burger near Ann Road and U.S. 95. The graphic images were taken Friday night after a football game between Arbor View and Centennial high schools.

Employees from both restaurants told 8 News NOW that the area is a popular hangout spot for high schoolers on game night, but they've never seen anything like Friday's brawl happen. People in the community are shocked.

"How just a simple game -- a simple football game can cause a big riot," said Rosie Dietz, graduated from Centennial High School. "It's just ridiculous."

Investigators are relying on the cell phone video to identify the students responsible for the fight. On the video, students are seen punching and kicking one another.

Dietz claims she knows someone who participated in the fight... Read More

Massive fight erupts inside two northwest restaurants following high school football game

The Arbor View Aggies beat the Centennial Bulldogs Friday night in a 28 to 7 score. But the rivalry took a violent turn once the field cleared.

A massive fight erupted inside two restaurants, both In-N-Out Burger & Raising Canes near I-95 and Ann.

Sources told 8 NEws Now that multiple people were hurt last night after tensions from two rival football teams boiled over.

One high school student said he was just getting some food after the game when teens began storming the two eateries from the parking lot.

One witness told 8 News Now that it began when some teens started trash talking before food and drinks were eventually thrown. Moments later, the scene erupted in violence, as tables were overturned and fights broke out... Read More