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Chimp's Owner Cited by Clark County

LAS VEGAS -- The co-owner of CJ, the chimp, has been cited by Clark County officials for possession of a dangerous animal and for an animal running loose.

Timmi Derosa was cited for both escapes. The first escape occurred in July when CJ and Buddy got loose in a northwest Las Vegas neighborhood. Police ended up shooting and killing Buddy. CJ got loose a second time on Saturday. Police were able to tranquilize the chimp and safely return her to an enclosure.

CJ is expected to leave Monday for a chimp sanctuary in Oregon. She is in a temporary enclosure awaiting transportation. Representatives from Chimp Inc., the sanctuary in Oregon, are looking for a way to get CJ to her new home.

One Person Dead After Crashing Into Parked Semi

LAS VEGAS -- One person is dead after crashing a vehicle into the back of a parked semi truck.

The accident happened about 6:40 a.m. Saturday near the intersection of Gowan Road and Rainbow Boulevard. 

A male was driving a Ford Mustang westbound on Gowan when the car went to the right side of the road striking the rear of the semi trailer, Metro Police said. 

The driver of the Mustang was pronounced dead on the scene.

Metro investigators said it's unknown what caused the crash and it is still under investigation. 

This is the 74th traffic related fatality in Metro's jurisdiction this year. 


I-Team: Surviving Chimp Finds Home in Sanctuary

LAS VEGAS -- A chimpanzee whose escape into a northwest neighborhood generated national attention is bound for a new home.

Two chimps -- CJ and Buddy-- got out of their enclosure last month, shutting down a neighborhood. Buddy was killed by police, and CJ's owners have agonized about what to do with her ever since.

Buddy's death following his escape focused attention on the plight of backyard chimps and other exotic animals.

For his owners, the death of Buddy was profoundly sad, but for CJ, there's a happy ending in sight.

For the past few years, CJ and Buddy lived in an enclosure built for them by caretaker Lee Watkinson and co-owner Timmi Derosa.

But it wasn't enough to contain Buddy, who led the escape last month and was shot by police.

The I-Team first met the two chimps and their other owner, animal trainer Nikki Riddell, back in 2002.

Chimp Captured After Second Escape

LAS VEGAS -- A chimpanzee that escaped last month into a northwest Las Vegas neighborhood escaped again Saturday evening before she was tranquilized and safely

CJ escaped her enclosure about 5 p.m. and was caught a short time later, according to Metro Police.

CJ was one of two chimps who escaped in July. The other chimp, Buddy, was killed by police for allegedly threatening homes and property nearby.

The Chimps' co-owner, Timmi Derosa, said she was on the verge of a panic attack Saturday after she got the call about CJ.

"I need to figure out what happened," Derosa said, sitting on the sidewalk, not far from the area where the chimp escaped. "This looks like we're complete idiots, like how ... could the other chimpanzee get out?"

Police and Firefighters Face Off on the Ice


Las Vegas valley police and firefighters will face off in the annual Guns & Hoses hockey game Friday night.

The game starts at 6 p.m., at the Fiesta Rancho SOBe Ice Area, 2400 N. Rancho Drive. Tickets are just $10 for adults and free for kids 12 and younger. The game will raise money for The Rape Crisis Center.

This year’s event will include police officers from North Carolina.

Hundreds Gather for Sikh Service in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - The Las Vegas Sikh temple opened its doors Wednesday night to people of all faiths to share a night of prayers for the six people killed in a Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin Sunday.

The Wednesday night service at the Sikh temple in northwest Las Vegas was packed with visitors. They took off their shoes and wore head coverings, which are traditions in the Sikh religion.

Rebecca Overton-Hooker is a practicing Christian who attended the service. She says the terrible events that unfolded in Wisconsin illustrate why people need to come together, regardless of their faith.

"These are peace loving people who are blended in the community, own businesses. They educate their children. They raise their families. They are who we want in our community," she said. "These people in Wisconsin were done a terrible wrong by a psycho, and they need to know the community supports their desire to be a peaceful, loving, family-oriented people."