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Vote for Your Favorite Park to Win Thousands

Vote for Your Favorite Park to Win Thousands

Coca-Cola wants to give thousands of dollars to America's favorite park.

The company is teaming with the National Park Foundation, America's State Parks and the National Recreation and Park Association for the second annual America Is Your Park contest. The idea is for families to head into the great outdoors and enjoy state and local parks then vote for their favorite. The park with the most votes will get a $100,000 grant for improvements. You have until September 6 to submit your vote at LivePositively.com.  

Last year the title of America's Favorite Park went to Bear Head Lake State Park in Ely, Minnesota. Officials there were able to use the grant to build a warming hut for people enjoying winter sports. 

Fatal Shooting Raises Specter of Gang Violence

LAS VEGAS - A barrage of bullets flew when two rival gangs met at the Avery Park Apartments Sunday night. What started as a fight between two groups ended in bloodshed around 8:30 p.m..

Twenty-one-year-old Charles Taylor died from multiple gunshot wounds. Metro says two suspects, including the gunman, fled on foot.

Nick Tortarolo is alarmed about Sunday night's murder.

"It sure happened close to home. It's very unnerving," he said. "I've lived here 21 years, and in the majority of the last ten or so, it's gotten rough."

Tortarolo blames gang activity.

"It's not surprising to find out that the gangs are in the area again. We've had them before, and we are going to have to get rid of them again," he said.

Kevin Child is the community chaplain for Messages of Faith, a group that works with gangs and youth.

Residents Clean Up After Storm Destroys Apartments

LAS VEGAS -- Wicked storms over the weekend dumped not only rain, but wind gusts so severe they tore the roof off an apartment complex. It was a scary night for the 80 residents who lived at the complex near Rancho and Vegas Drives.

Fortunately, everyone is ok, but many are still shook up.

"It was very scary. I've never been through anything like this before, so it was one of those things that you just drop to the ground and you could actually feel the boom -- the big boom," said Willow Apartments manager George Sialski.

Sialski says first he saw the clouds go dark, and then the rain came. Eventually the outflow from those severe storms produced a gust up 80 miles per hour called a micro-burst. That micro-burst hit the Willow Apartments dead on, and tore the roof off and spun it across the parking lot.

One Dead Following Fire in Northwest Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- At around 6:15 p.m. Friday night, fire trucks and ambulances roared into a neighborhood near Rainbow Boulevard and Westcliff Drive. Emergency crews rushed to what some consider the quietist corner on the block.

"They started opening up the front windows, and a lot of smoke came out of the front of the house," said neighbor Tenielle Little. "You could smell the fire right away. We couldn't see, but like I said, it was just a lot of smoke, and you could smell the fire."

"They are one of the quietest neighbors here, and we see them coming and going, in and out from work, but really quiet family. They keep to themselves," Little said.

When firefighters arrived, they searched the smoke-filled home for survivors. Instead, they found the body of a 74-year-old woman lying in the same spot where investigators believe the fire started.

Two Students Compete in International Science Fair

Two students from Northwest Career and Technical Academy recently competed and won prizes in this year's International Science Fair.

Student Alexandra Wheatly won first place in specialty awards from the Society of Microbiologists. Her project was in microbiology and the Great Basin Flow. It is the second time she has been at the science fair. Student Cameron Jones entered a project in animal sciences. Both of the students won third in their respective project categories. Each won $1,000. Wheatly received another $1,000 for her specialty award. The students worked with teacher Carol Adamson on their projects.

The International Science Fair brought together 1,565 junior scientists from 65 countries.


Flash Flooding Closes Bonnie Springs Road

LAS VEGAS -- Bonnie Springs Road closed to traffic after flood waters rushed over the pavement. While most of the heavy rain stayed near the state line, there was some flash flooding near Red Rock Canyon.

Some drivers took their chances to make it across the road, but others decided to wait it out.

Some people who were out there grabbed shovels and started pushing the debris off the road.

Business Picking Up in Northwest Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Northwest Las Vegas is having more and more options to choose from when it comes to places to eat and shop. Shopping centers that were once becoming ghost towns are starting to thrive again.

The Sportsman Warehouse is just one of many new places popping up near U.S. 95 and Ann Road. A new BJ's restaurant is causing quite a stir, and new Laptop Exchange store just across the street was busy Tuesday. Even more reason for people living in this area to stay and shop.

It is a welcome change considering how things have been for the last few years.

"Circuit City, on the end, was drawing a lot of customers. We have big anchors, big chains here. But as time went on, it just started to decline. Circuit City closed and traffic just went down a hole," said Chris Boyle with Sideline Sports.