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Wildfire Filling Neighborhoods with Smoke and Ash

LAS VEGAS -- People around the Las Vegas valley can see the smoke billowing from the Carpenter One fire and even homes that are not directly in the path of the fire are being impacted.

In fact, people in some neighborhoods in the northwest say ash is falling like snow. It is a reminder that a dangerous fire is burning not too far away.

"The smoke is just really thick. It just covers the whole area. It looks like a war zone, drive home and getting off the freeway," Britney Cooley, who lives near U.S. 95 and Horse Drive, said.

Cooley has asthma and two young children, which is not a good combination when a wildfire on Mt. Charleston is sending out smoke and ash.

"The ash that is falling looks like snow at night. It is that bad," Cooley said.

The ash in Cooley's backyard covers her children's toys and patio furniture. The roads in her neighborhood and the nearby playground are also partly covered in white.

Residents Displaced by Wildfire Long to Return Home

Residents Displaced by Wildfire Long to Return Home

LAS VEGAS -- It's day five for many of the residents who left their homes in Kyle Canyon to escape the Carpenter One wildfire. The stress is growing, and no one knows when they will be allowed back home.

It's been a long wait for the displaced families. They are separated from their homes and belongings. Most families didn't have time to grab much and are now relying on the Red Cross for help.

While smoke continues to billow from Mount Charleston, Allison Sosa thinks of her home that's now caught in a middle of fire fight.

"We saw the smoke coming over and the ash starting to settle," Sosa said.

Her family knew it was time to leave their home when the neighbors called to say they could see flames on the ridge. That was on July 4. Since then, Sosa has moved two times, along with her husband and 2-year-old son.

Crash Closes Intersection of Cheyenne and Rancho

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police are investigating a crash where a car has hit a light pole, sending it into a busy intersection.

According to police, the car crashed into the pole around 3:15 p.m. Monday at the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Rancho Drive.

No one was hurt, but several vehicles were involved as drivers tried to get out of the way of the falling pole.

The intersection is closed while crews clear the pole and wires from the roadway.

Emotions Run High at Wildfire Meeting

LAS VEGAS -- Officials are calling it the highest priority wildfire in the nation. More than 14,000 acres have already burned in the Mount Charleston area, and hundreds of firefighters are on hand, hoping to slow its progress.

A public meeting was held at Centennial High School Sunday night, where some people were angry with how the fire is being handled.

Allison Sosa's life has been turned upside down by the raging Carpenter 1 fire.

"The community up there is more important to us, more than our home. We're losing our life, our homes, our dreams, our lifestyles, our neighbors. They are like our family, and it's just nerve racking. It's like a roller coaster," said Sosa.

She and hundreds of other residents were evacuated from their homes. Many of them barely had time to grab belongings. After days apart, the community was brought together to hear about progress being made to save their homes.

Fire Evacuees Staying with Friends and Family

Fire Evacuees Staying with Friends and Family

LAS VEGAS - People displaced by the wildfire on Mount Charleston are worried they won't be able to return to their homes.

Some of them thought the evacuation was just a precaution and they'd be allowed to return home the next day.

On Sunday, the smoke still hung in the air like a cloud - casting a dark shadow over the people who call Mount Charleston home.

"We feel displaced. We're staying with friends, and we have kids and animals," said Amanda Reynolds.

The shadow seems to follow her wherever she goes - even to her friend's house far from danger.

"My daughters are in Chicago right now. They'll be home tonight. So, they're going to come home to not their home," she said.

8 on Your Side: Man Seeks Responsibility for Errant Golf Ball

LAS VEGAS - Dozens of golf courses populate southern Nevada. Some of them, such as Painted Desert Golf Club on Ann Road, sit next to a major highway. Sometimes, disaster strikes.

Anthony Rum was driving his brand new jeep down Ann Road, when a golf ball slammed into the roof of his car.

"It was like an explosion," he said. "I pulled right over, and I didn't know it at the time, but I was almost adjacent to the tee area."

Not knowing what to do, Rum went home and called the golf course. The golf course managers said they tried to find the golfer who hit the ball, but no one claimed responsibility. The managers said the golf course is not responsible.

Fire Raging at Nearly 14,000 Acres, 2 Communities Evacuated

LAS VEGAS -- People living in Trout Canyon and Kyle Canyon on Mt. Charleston are being asked to leave their homes as firefighters work to control a wildfire that now covers 9,000 acres.

According to Metro Police, 560 people are out of their homes because of the blaze.

The Carpenter One fire started Monday when lightning struck a tree. According to the Bureau of Land Management, more than 300 firefighters are currently working to put the fire out.

By Friday evening, the number of firefighters is expected to grow to 400.

A Hotshot crew is now fighting the fire with help of a helicopter dropping fire retardant.

Residents on the Pahrump side of the mountain are being evacuated to Hafen Elementary School. People on the Lee and Kyle Canyon side are being evacuated to Bilbray Elementary School.