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Alleged Serial Sex Assault Suspect Arrested

LAS VEGAS -- A man accused of sexually assaulting women is behind bars, but police believe there may still be victims who haven't come forward.

Police have been looking for 27-year-old Antonio Farias for the last few weeks. Late Tuesday night, two patrol officers pulled over Farias for a traffic violation. He matched the physical description and sketch given to them by victims and his car had one specific item police were looking for -- a sticker of the Disney character Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Police say Farias has been on the hunt for women since May. Five victims said he approached them in his car while they were walking or sitting at a bus stop near Flamingo and Arville in the early morning hours.

The victims described him as polite -- he'd offer them a ride -- but once they were inside, he would drive away then assault them.

Eyewitnesses May be Unreliable in Costco Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- As the investigation continues into the Costco officer involved shooting that killed Erik Scott, a number of witness statements conflict with those reported by Las Vegas police.

Witness statements are valuable to police, but they also have drawbacks. A local defense attorney says in scenes like this, there's only one real eyewitness who will tell the real truth: cameras.

Before 39-year-old Scott was shot and killed by three officers Saturday afternoon, did he pull out a gun? Did officers give Scott enough time to comply before shooting? Metro says yes, but a number of witness statements are suggesting something else happened.

"I'm not surprised that there's a lot of varying accounts of what happened," said attorney Joel Mann.

Mann says in situations where emotions are high and adrenaline is running, our memories aren't the most reliable.

Man Shot in Front of CVS Pharmacy

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police are investigating a shooting in front of a CVS pharmacy on Jones Blvd. just south of Alta Drive.

Police say three suspects approached a man and asked to borrow a lighter. One pulled out a gun and then shot the man in the head. It's unclear what lead to the shooting.

The victim was transported to UMC Trauma and is expected to survive. Police have three suspects in custody and believe the shooting to be gang related.

I-Team: Father of Man Shot by Police at Costco Speaks

LAS VEGAS -- The father of a Las Vegas businessman who was shot and killed by police at a Las Vegas Costco store says he's been receiving eyewitness reports which directly contradict the official version of Saturday's events.

William Scott, the father of Erik Scott, gave his first interview to 8 News NOW's George Knapp.

The shooting incident is different from almost anything we've seen in memory involving Metro Police, not only because there were more than three dozen eyewitnesses, but also because of who was shot.

Erik Scott was a West Point graduate who also had a degree from Duke. He was a successful businessman and his father is a nationally known aviation journalist with extensive contacts in military and intelligence circles.

Family Gets Chilling Account of Costco Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- A chilling account of what happened Saturday afternoon at a Summerlin Costco has surfaced, blasting Las Vegas police for what witnesses call excessive force.

Erik Scott was shot and killed by police. Metro says he was armed and posed a threat, but witnesses are coming forward saying they don't believe that's true.

At least one of these accounts was from a couple who says they were just feet away from where Scott was shot. They says he didn't draw his gun or point it at police, but officers shot anyway.

Scott's cousin and family friends say witnesses are reaching out to them.

Officer Involved in Costco Shooting Involved in 2006 Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- The three Las Vegas police officers involved in Saturday's shooting at a Costco have been identified.

Officers William Mosher, Joshua Stark and Thomas Mendiola shot and killed Erik Scott at a Summerlin Costco. Officers say Scott had a weapon and pointed it at them.

Mosher has been with Metro for five years. Stark and Mendiola have been with Metro for under two years. All are assigned to the Metro's Northwest Area Command.

This isn't the first time Officer Mosher has been involved in a shooting. In April of 2006, Officer Mosher and Officer John Wiggins shot and killed Aaron Jones. According to police, Jones rammed his car into Wiggins while trying to escape arrest. Jones died at the scene.

A coroner's inquest into the 2006 shooting found Officers Mosher and Wiggins justified.

Man in Costco Shooting had Concealed Weapons Permit

LAS VEGAS -- A shooting at a Costco in Summerlin is raising questions about concealed weapons permits.

Erik Scott was gunned down when police say he refused to drop a weapon he had on him. But Scott's friends and family say he had a concealed weapons permit and was knowledgeable with the laws.

Private property like shopping malls, or even the Costco where the shooting happened, can prohibit weapons from being on property without any signage. Even if you have concealed weapons permit, private property owners can prohibit weapons.

"The line we always use in class, 'When you say the magic word gun, make sure your hands are visible and wait for the officer to tell you what to do,'" said The Gun Store owner Bob Irwin.

It's a line that could mean the difference between life and death. Irwin has released a book on the guidelines for carrying concealed fire arms in Nevada.