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Nevada Supreme Court ruling brings ESA program to a standstill

The Nevada Supreme Court has put a halt to the controversial ESA program. However, both sides of the argument claimed victory Thursday.

The court found Nevada's Education Savings Account program doesn't violate the state constitution however the funding under the bill that created the program is in question.

Justices issued a 4-2 ruling on Thursday calling for a permanent injunction on the program, which was on hold on a temporary basis.

The ruling says the program authorized last spring by the Nevada Legislature did not have its own dedicated funding source and is unlawfully drawing on money allocated for public schools in the state's Distributive School Account. It would have allowed parents to use public school dollars to pay for private school tuition... Read More

Man dropped off at hospital dies of stab wounds

A man suffering from stab wounds who was dropped off at Mountain View Hospital in northwest Las Vegas has died.

Metro Police were called to investigate around 12:25 p.m. There is no word yet on where the stabbing took place.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates... Read More

Police activity near Cheyenne and Hualapai

Metro Police have closed streets in the area of Cheyenne Avenue and Hualapai Way. Police are investigating a suspicious item found at Metro's Northwest Area Command substation.

Metro Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo reported live on 8 News NOW Good Day that one person is being interviewed by police.

Drivers who commute in the area near Cheyenne and Hualapai should seek other routes.

8 News NOW will have more information as it becomes available. ... Read More

Nev. Board of Education unanimously approves reorganization plan

The Nevada Board of Education has voted unanimously in favor of a dramatic plan to shift the balance of power from a central office to the more than 300 schools in the Clark County School District.

Proponents of the reorganization plan approved Thursday say it's important for Nevada to act boldly, arguing the status quo hasn't improved the state's bottom-ranking public school system.

The plan fine-tuned over the past 14 months calls for an "empowerment" model that gives principals and their volunteer boards control over about 80 percent of the money flowing to their schools.

Critics scrutinized the details of the plan, asking whether it will distribute resources equitably. A panel of 12 legislators still must approve the final regulations that passed Thursday. That vote is expected on Sept. 9... Read More

Man arrested for robbery at TJ Maxx store used BB gun

The man accused of waving a gun around and causing panic at a TJ Maxx store in northwest Las Vegas was armed with a BB gun.

Jason Mote was arrested Tuesday after police responded to a call of an armed gunman in a business.

According to his arrest report, he had been in the store following a female customer around when he pointed a gun into the air and then at the woman's head and he began yelling. He took the woman's purse. Another customer who was trying to find her teen daughter encountered Mote and he also pointed the gun at her head and threatened to shoot her. This caused employees and patrons to run for cover or get out of the store, if possible.

This was around the time police started receiving phone 9-1-1 calls.

Mote walked around in the store pushing the woman's cart which contained the stolen purse and some clothing. He stopped to remove his shirt and go through the woman's purse, the report said... Read More

Advisory Committee approves preliminary reorganization plan, 27 revisions for CCSD

The Advisory Committee unanimously approved the preliminary reorganization plan and 27 revisions for the Clark County School District.

The committee spent numerous hours Tuesday in a meeting trying to figure out how to reorganize CCSD.

Under the proposed plan, each school would be independently run, and instead of the superintendent, the principal, a team of teachers, and parents would be in charge of hiring and budgeting.

There's no concrete answer on exactly how much it will cost to make the transition.

"It will put pressure on the legislature to address inadequate funding for the school system next session," said Michael Roberson,, Nevada State Senator for District 20. "We do need to invest more in education in Southern Nevada."

Some of the amendments also state that parents who join organizational teams won't be protected from lawsuits. Plus, only middle school and high school students will be able to join organizational teams... Read More

Police: Patrons, employees barricaded inside business

Metro Police say patrons and employees barricaded themselves inside a store in a shopping center in northwest Las Vegas Tuesday afternoon.

The business, a TJ Maxx, is located in the 7000 block of North Durango Drive near Elkhorn Road.

Police responded to a robbery call in the parking lot of the business around 1:30 p.m. They were told there was an armed gunman attempting to rob a patron in the parking lot.

It was unclear if the suspect acted alone, or if there was an accomplice in the store, police said.

NHP and SWAT also responded. One person was taken into custody by NHP and police did search for a second suspect, but eventually realized there wasn't another suspect.

Police said customers and employees in the business at the time of the attempted robbery hid and barricaded themselves inside the store for two hours until they knew it was safe to leave... Read More