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Despite Criticism, Analysts Say Las Vegas Will Recover

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas continues to be portrayed as the poster child for the recession. Some financial experts say things have gotten so bad, we will never recover. But local economists say that's not true, but it will take time.

A report by 24/7 Wall Street named 13 cities in the U.S. that will never recover because of the housing market and unemployment rate. Las Vegas was one of them. 

Ironically, the report came out at the same time the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce's new president takes the reigns. He's a man with experience in economic recovery.

The doom and gloom in Las Vegas is slowly starting to lift. Tourism has increased 1.5-percent this year and Jeremy Aguero with Applied Analysis says homes are selling.

"A year and a half ago there were almost 30,000 housing units for sale. Today, that number is roughly 10,000," he said.

Wife Mourns Her Murdered Husband

LAS VEGAS -- William Burhoe was working the graveyard shift at the Supermart on Smoke Ranch and Rainbow when an armed suspect walked in and shot him. The 77-year-old fought back, killing the suspect. Burohe died a short time later.

Burhoe worked at the store on and off for three years. He liked to have some extra money to gamble on the horse races, but his wife says it was the friendships he made that kept him coming back.

"I saw the word 'Coroner' and I said, 'No, no. This can't be true. This can't be happening," said Bill's wife Christine Burhoe.

Burhoe never had the chance to say goodbye. The shooting took her husband of 16 years.

"He liked to work there because of the people that would come in -- the comradery with the people," she said.

Job Fair at Texas Station on Tuesday

LAS VEGAS -- Job seekers are being encouraged to show up for a job fair at the Texas Station Hotel & Casino on Tuesday.

Organizers say there are dozens of employees who will be represented and hundreds of jobs available.

Click here for a list of the jobs

Applicants are being asked to be dress in business attire to do interviews and to bring lots of resumes. The job fair takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 18th.


Eastbound Sahara Closed After Accident

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police closed eastbound Sahara Ave. in front of the Palace Station after a vehicle accident.

Police had the area closed for several hours before re-opening the lanes. No details on injuries to the driver were available.

Empty Strip Malls a Common Sight in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Five years ago, customers flocked to the shopping center on the corner of Lake Mead and Jones. Now, the retail center is a virtual ghost town. The only people in the parking lot are teens on skateboards. The Albertson's supermarket closed more than a year ago. The rest of the nearby businesses soon followed.

Tony's Mexican Restaurant is one of the few places still open. But, restaurant manager Elvira Gonzales says with fewer people visiting the area, her business is struggling. Gonzales says customers are noticing that more and more shops are shutting down. "Stuff that was here before, I mean most of it's gone," she said. "A lot of customers say just last week, they drove by a place they used to go (to) before, and now it's not there."

Nevada in Top 10 for Cyber Crime

LAS VEGAS -- Surfing the web may be part of your everyday routine, but criminals are finding new ways to steal your personal information or infect your computer with a nasty virus. For local businesses, it could mean thousands of dollars lost.

Nevada is one of the top 10 states for cyber crime. 

It's easy to be fooled into clicking something on the internet that you think is safe. Wells Fargo is a good example. There are criminals out there using their logo and name to steal your information. But you can protect yourself. 

Sue Gaines is the office manager at a commercial real estate company. In the past year, they've had to fend off viruses and trojans all because someone clicked on something they weren't supposed to. Fixing it doesn't come cheap.

Pet Owners Reminded About New Law

LAS VEGAS -- Pet owners in Clark County have until May 19th to make sure they are not breaking the law.

Clark County has put up 150 signs across the county explaining the new spay and neuter ordinance. It requires that cats four months or older must be spayed or neutered. The law is similar to ones already in place in the city of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. 

Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary is getting involved in the new law by helping low-income residents. They are offering free pet sterilization to residents of unincorporated Clark County who qualify.  To learn more you can call 227-5555 or click here.