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Road repaired, water pipe fixed for Mount Charleston residents

LAS VEGAS -- Monday's flash flooding left many on Mount Charleston running out of options. The storm not only wiped out the main road into Rainbow subdivision, but left more than 100 homes without water.

The water was back in service Wednesday and Rainbow Canyon Road once again opened to traffic. Parts of the road had collapsed in the flooding posing a danger to drivers. Although the road is now passable, there is still a lot of work to be done. In all, 10 homes in the area were damaged.

From Allison Sosa's back porch, Monday's powerful waters raged as dark skies loomed overhead. She is already forming another plan for the next time Mother Nature hits.

"It's raining right now. So it makes me think of moving the car out of the driveway and onto Kyle Canyon until the storm passes. At least if we had to get out, and had no power or water again, we could still get to our car," Sosa said.

Monsoon rains wash away important mountain road

LAS VEGAS -- The runoff from Monday's monsoon rains have damaged a vital artery for people living on part of Mt. Charleston.

The Rainbow Subdivision was pounded by heavy rain and hail. More than $150,000 has been used to repair Rainbow Canyon Boulevard from last year's Carpenter One wildfire and the floods that followed.

On Monday, most of that progress was washed away. The road was just days away from being repaved after last year's devastating floods.

"I just think it's a shame. This didn't have to happen, and now they are going to be mad at us because they're doing all this work and spending all the money on the mountain. This wasn't our fault this happened," subdivision resident Becky Grismanauskas said.

Grismanauskas is a long-time Mt. Charleston resident. She is furious more hasn't been done to fix what has become a constant concern.

Family blames gang violence in man's killing

LAS VEGAS -- The family of a young man shot and killed at a house party is blaming gang violence for the crime. The victim is a 20-year-old man from North Las Vegas and police are still looking for the suspects.

The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. Monday on Barium Rock Avenue near Iron Mountain and Fort Apache roads.

While the coroner has not officially released the victim's name, family members have identified him as Antwon Elder. The victim's older brother, Andre Elder, says the shooting involved gang members and he is still trying to deal with the fact his brother is dead.

"We got a call that my brother was dead," he said.

Antwon Elder would have turned 21 next month. Andre Elder says his brother had spending time with kids who were getting into trouble.

"That's the thing with Vegas, a lot of gang violence going on," Andre Elder said.

Mount Charleston residents flooded with frustration

LAS VEGAS -- Some of the people living on Mount Charleston say they're reaching their breaking point. They've now dealt with a major wildfire and two serious floods in the past year.

They are hoping a new flood control project will be put in to protect their homes, but that project is only in discussion.

Monday's floodwaters were so powerful they crashed through the windows of Rodney Dukes basement filling it with two feet of mud. Dukes knew the storm was coming before he even saw it.

"You bet it's frightening. It's, when you hear all this roaring of water, and then you see it, and then there's nothing you can do, it's just so strong," Dukes said.

Arbor View junior lineman draws recruiting attention, grabs first offer

A football standout at Arbor View High School isn't even in his senior year and he is already getting scholarship offers from top schools.

Arbor View High junior football player Keenen King isn’t your typical big guy on the line. Yes, King is big — he’s 6-foot-5, 285 pounds and has the frame to continue growing. 

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Lack of cold water plaguing northwest subdivision

LAS VEGAS -- Imagine turning on the cold water tap only to find the temperature won't get lower than 90 degrees. One northwest valley subdivision has tried for months to cool down their water, but it's still running warm.

8 News NOW has learned many new subdivisions across the valley may experience the same problem.

A refreshing drink of cool water straight from the tap hasn't happened for homeowner Andy Kline. His valley home is only a few months old, and the Kline family says their builder has tried for months to fix the cold water problem.

"You just can't get cold water to come out of the faucet,” Kline said.

1 dead, 3 hurt in shooting Sunday morning

LAS VEGAS – Police are searching for suspects in a fatal shooting near Rancho Drive and Cheyenne Avenue.

The shooting occurred Sunday at approximately 5 a.m. When police officers arrived, they located four people with gunshot wounds. One of the victims died at the scene. Emergency crews transported the other three victims to University Medical Center.

Police determined the shooting was the result of a fight that occurred earlier at a party on Corona Del Mar Drive near Jones Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue. The shooting victims left the home after the fight.

A short time later, they encountered someone in a white, four-door car near Jones Boulevard and Miracosta Avenue. A passenger in the car pulled out a gun and shot the four victims.

The victims drove to a nearby convenience store and called police. The suspects are still at large.