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Guilty plea set for man in Vegas massacre illegal ammo case

LAS VEGAS (AP) — An Arizona man plans to plead guilty in a federal court in Nevada to illegally manufacturing ammunition sold to the gunman who carried out the Las Vegas Strip massacre in October 2017.

A court notice posted Tuesday set a change-of-plea hearing next week for Douglas Haig in Las Vegas, ahead of a trial scheduled next month.

Haig’s attorney, Marc Victor, and a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Nicholas Trutanich (tru-TAN’-itsh) declined to say ahead of time what Haig will admit to or what sentence he’s expected to face.

The Mesa, Arizona, resident isn’t accused of the shooting that killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

But authorities found Haig’s fingerprints on unfired bullets in the high-rise hotel suite from which a shooter rained gunfire into a concert crowd before killing himself... Read More

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Lawsuit: California festival didn’t plan for active shooter

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Organizers of a Northern California food festival where a gunman killed three people and wounded 13 others didn’t consider the risk of an active shooter, according to a lawsuit from five injured victims.

Santino William Legan cut through a fence at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival on July 28 and opened fire with a rifle, authorities said. The FBI has not determined a motive, saying the 19-year-old appeared to be interested in conflicting violent ideologies. It has opened a domestic terrorism investigation.

The lawsuit says the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association used an outdated contract with its security provider that did not include modern-day risks to large public events or plan for worst-case scenarios for a festival that attracts 100,000 visitors over three days... Read More

Venice ‘on its knees’ after second-worst flood ever recorded

VENICE, Italy (AP) — The worst flooding in Venice in more than 50 years prompted calls Wednesday to better protect the historic city from rising sea levels as officials calculated hundreds of millions of euros in damage.

The water reached 1.87 meters (6.14 feet) above sea level Tuesday, the second-highest level ever recorded in the city and just 7 centimeters (2½ inches) lower than the historic 1966 flood. Another wave of exceptionally high water followed Wednesday.

“Venice is on its knees,’’ Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said on Twitter. “St. Mark’s Basilica has sustained serious damage, like the entire city and its islands.”

One death was blamed on the flooding, on the barrier island of Pellestrina. A man in his 70s was apparently electrocuted when he tried to start a pump in his dwelling, said Danny Carrella, an official on the island of 3,500 inhabitants... Read More

LVCVA attracts travelers to the valley with holidays ads

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) has a new ad campaign aiming to attract tourists the Las Vegas for the holidays.

The latest commercials play on the stress of the holidays. The first ad gives a sense of familiarity when chaos erupts after the family sees the Thanksgiving turkey is burnt.

In a second ad, the family starts asking a family member’s new boyfriend questions, until they are driven to re-think their family holiday plans.

Both ads drive the message ‘Vegas changes everything.’ The campaign started earlier this year.

It is the first time the LVCVA has focused a campaign specifically on the holiday season... Read More

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What’s Driving You Crazy? – One traffic solution leads to another problem.

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The prospect of traffic infrastructure not keeping up with growth in the far southwest valley is driving one viewer crazy.

This is in the Rhodes Ranch neighborhood, where we hope drivers are noticing the county’s work to alleviate a separate long-standing problem with speed limits and lane availability. Durango is undergoing work to make sure there are at least two lanes between Warm Springs and Blue Diamond. viewer M-A writes:

“With all of the new construction in this area, traffic on Ft. Apache has become awful, a rough mess! Is there any plan to make it 2 lanes in each direction from Warm Springs south toward Blue Diamond? If not, is there any plan to repave Ft. Apache? The piecemeal fixes aren’t holding. Thank you!”... Read More

LIVE Impeachment hearings: Watch testimony while getting breakdown of process

It’s an historic day on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Congress holds its first public impeachment hearing in the ongoing investigation into President Donald Trump.

(Mobile users click here for live stream)

And to keep you informed, Host J.B. Biunno and political reporter Evan Donovan will be joined by political analysts and politicians throughout the day to answer your questions and discuss what’s happening in the hearings.

Democrats are accusing Trump of trading military aid to the Ukraine for their help in investigating his political rival Joe Biden. Republicans are denouncing the impeachment inquiry as an effort to undo the results of the 2016 election.

So, how will this week’s hearings work?... Read More

Anti-smoking, vaping campaign rolls out at UNLV

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The recent rise of vaping-related illnesses has health advocates rolling out an anti-smoking campaign at UNLV. They’re encouraging students to kick the tobacco addiction.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness month.

E-cigarettes have become quite popular but 39 people have died nationwide from lung injuries associated with vaping.

CDC records show more than 2,000 people across the U.S. have been diagnosed with vaping-related lung illnesses since March — many of them teenagers and young adults.

“Nicotine is harmful regardless of you using a cigarette or smoking a vape pen. Nicotine, it only takes 10 seconds to get to the brain and it’s one of the products that’s most addictive of all the products that’s out there,” said Dr. George S. Tu, pulmonologist. ... Read More